It is Friday night!!

It is Friday night , and I am tired. My diet has gone completely out the window. Which has dramatically effected my weight. My mother is getting easier to live with. I still can’t help but miss my own place. My baby had her one year doctors’ appointment. She is 30 inches which puts her in the 77 percentile. She is 24 pounds which puts her in the 94 percentile. The doctor called my baby chunky. I wasn’t feeling that. She doesn’t like regular milk as much as formula.

My car has been acting up, and I was looking for a new one. It was going to cut into my budget and paying off debt. I am not prepared to pay for a new (used) car. They said they would only give me 500 bucks for mine. So I am going to ride that bitch until I can’t ride any more. Maybe I can get another year out of it. I will be thrilled with that.

I keep buying lottery tickets. I won a few times. No amounts worth mentioning, I am ready for my big break. LOL.

I am happy my mother is willing to watch Ava on Monday so I can go see the Avengers. She watched her the other day so I could hang out with co-workers after work. I don’t know where this very nice woman came from. I am thrilled she has finally made an appearance.

I have a crush on this guy at work. He is tall dark and handsome and very quiet. I talk to him on a regular basis. He is always smiling. I am not sure if that means he likes me or, he smiles at everyone. I would love if he was into me. Keeping hope alive.


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