A little bitch session!!

I usually don’t complain. Who the hell cares about my complaints. I thought I would share here.. I hate what I do for a living. It is a paycheck. Which I really appreciate. I am shocked I have done this mind numbing bullshit for all these years. If I could have a do over. I would have choose something else to do with my life.

I love my child but it is hard to find things a one year old who is not really walking to do. I was thinking the zoo tomorrow. Then my mother told me it was going to rain. Maybe Sunday.

I am so tired I feel like I am going to pass out. My mother, Ava and I went to BJ’s and Ava and I went to the regular grocery store after work today. So we can free up some weekend time. I literally feel like I could sleep for a year. I never feel totally rested.

I am getting fat. I left my program and been eating my ass off ever since. I want to give a sincere effort to doing it on my own. But I been starting tomorrow for about three weeks.

I need some sex in my life. The stress relief and being desired would help a whole lot in my world. I haven’t heard from the plumber in weeks. Not sure what is going on with him. I am not sure I am ready to stick my toe in the dating world.

My ex got married. I want people to be happy. But why the hell, do I always seem to find out when my ex’s get married. Granted if I gave him a chance I probably could have been his wife. Not sure if that was in the cards. There is a long story there. That had to do with Lying. I think that says it all.

I can’t find my ex boyfriend from college. I am dying to know what is up with him. I have no idea how to get in touch with him. People don’t use home phones any more. His email address is getting no response and he deleted his page on Facebook. I might be shit out of luck.

I hate Boston. The small closets, tight streets congested everywhere. I missed my family and I am getting my fill of them too.

I know I am complaining which I had to get it off my chest. There is a lot of good in my life also. It is hard to stay focused on it sometimes.


4 thoughts on “A little bitch session!!

  1. Yeah, I agree, good to make room for your feelings. Sounds like you have too much work and not enough play in your life and are understandably feeling frustrated and maybe bored. May I give a piece of advice on your work stuff as a career counselor? Well, I’ll give it and you can skip over it if you want. 🙂 If you really hate your job, then on your own or with the help of a career development book – here’s one I liked but there are tons: http://www.amazon.com/Finding-Your-Perfect-Work-Creating/dp/1585422169
    or with the help of a career counselor… keep taking little steps towards figuring out what you would like to do and moving towards it. I know you don’t have a lot of time – maybe on your lunch breaks or after Ava goes to bed? I think knowing your not totally “stuck” in this job forever (which you’re not!) and that you’re taking actions to move towards something else might help with giving you more sense of purpose. Aside from being a mom, which is an awesome purpose! but we need more I think. My 2 cents. Sending care and I hope you find something fun to do with Ava and a love interest too.

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