A so, so day!!

It wasn’t horrible. I was covering someones work and had to work for this crazy manager. That has come to an end. I was doing a dance. I took a moment of silence for the people who  has to work under his annoying ass. I thank god I don’t have to deal with him anymore.

This Indian guy has hit me up online. I noticed Indian men are very persistent. Which is nice and annoying at the same time. I told him I would try and meet him next weekend. We will see how it goes. Hopefully get coffee in the mall.
I have four scratch tickets I haven’t scratched yet. I feel like the thrill is in the fantasy of what if. I know I am crazy and could be sitting on a bunch of money. Wouldn’t that be nice.

My baby has the biggest smile when I get home. My heart melts for this little girl. I so want another baby so she can have a sibling. I am an only child. My cousin was my brother and I love him to death. I hated pregnancy and giving birth. I actually love that she is more independent. But I want her to have a sister. If it is a boy that is fine to. Another girl would be my choice.

I will be working on my resume this weekend. I also need to order the book suggested by someone on here. To how to change my career. I need to get on that also.

A lot on my to do list. I need to get off my lazy ass and do it!!! Like Nike say JUST DO IT!!!


2 thoughts on “A so, so day!!

  1. Exciting about thinking about a sibling for Ava! And glad you’re moving forward with working on your resume etc. Yes, you can do it! “Just do it!” 🙂

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