Activities with Ava and I!!

We went to the Franklin Park Zoo. It was a lot of fun for me. Ava enjoyed the traveling around the park. It was a great weekend of adventures and not sitting in the house. My workload has been calming down. Even though I am not in love with the job. Less stress for the moment does feel good.

On the dating front the Indian dude is out. He talked about sex and it has been less then a week. Not my cup of tea. So he got kicked to the curb quickly. I finally cleaned up my room. Waiting for my mother to finish panting so we can get the house totally ready for a toddler.

My mother is the worst painter in the world. I can’t tell her that. It is her house. So whatever she wants to do, I don’t care. I still want to live alone. I am keeping it in my prayers. I need to dig myself out of this debt. Which I am doing slowly. I have only been working for five months. Why do I have no patients!!!!!


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