Living Room Love!!

Our Living Room is almost finished. All I need to purchase is baby gates. We got the hardwood floors sanded and varnished. Which we kind of mess up moving furniture on it to soon. Hopefully my mother handy man friend can fix it. As I am typing this Ava is crying because she is tired beyond belief but do not want to go to sleep. The furniture came with a nice rug we picked up. The 50 inch TV is set up. Now I can watch TV while Ava plays on the floor with all her toys. I love it. We are not confined to my room and her in a play pin. She now has the lay of the land.

I had an incident at work that I hope get worked out. Or I might be going to small claims court. It is a long story and since I have no idea who reads my blog, I can’t really get into it. I will just say I will not be taken advantage of. The guy who did the stairs has yet to call back. Oh well I am moving on from that situation. These days I need a man who really wants to make an effort.

I finally got the book about changing my career. Thanks Kristen for the suggestion. I just have had not time to read it. I am going to work on that. Once Ava falls a sleep, I am going to take a long shower and wash away the week from me. The young guy at work and I have been talking a lot more. Not sure if he is interested in me or just like that attention from an older woman. It could be either or. My boss who left knows I am looking for a job. Which is so funny. You never know who is in on what you are trying to do. I didn’t tell her, she must have figured it out. Either way sounds like a great reference I can use. I am thankful it is Friday, but I have stuff to do tomorrow. I can sleep in a little bit. Which I hope Ava lets me.


Someone is tired!!

My daughter has been a sleep for three hours. Can I say loving it. Got a lot done. Even looking at my fantasy house I would buy if I won the lottery. Yes, I love to live in my head. My life is good but fantasy world is beyond amazing.  She woke up but went back to sleep already after I change her diaper. I was going to give her a snack. I guess not a biggie for her. When she wakes up I will feed her dinner. Give her a bath and spend time with my baby.

I don’t think me and masonry guy are going to work out. I called and we chatted for a few minutes. He told me he works a lot and don’t do much else. I hate when men kicks disclaimers. I like you have no time for you. So if you are interested you have to deal with the bullshit. Even thought this man is beyond sexy. I can’t deal with the bullshit. Then he also said call me. WTF!!! If you are interested in me you can call me. I am not going to stalk you like I have nothing better to do.

He did put a little pep in my step by hitting on me. But sorry dude I can buy what you are selling. I have lost seven pounds since I have been back on my program. Finally the scale going down instead of up. 52 more pounds to go and I will be back to my fighting weight. Granted I don’t fight, I use that to say the weight I feel I look the best. In clothes at least. The abuse I have done with my body from being very overweight most of my life will need plastic surgery to fix.

I am over my issues with my body by now. Not the fat part, I will probably deal with that my whole life. The fact that no matter how skinny I get. I will have sagging skin etc. Just like my flat ass, I am over it. I am 40 it is what it is.

All is good in my world. I still haven’t made it to SMC meeting. I am working on it!!!!

Life and more life!!

I went to my family reunion feeling like a stranger. A lot of them new each other. Spent summers together and close. I was trying to figure out how I was related to these people. Who was related and who was a guest of someone else. Everyone was very nice. I did try to connect with one cousin my age who lived close. She wasn’t receptive at all. I don’t beg people to be my friend. I let that drop.

For the most part my mother and I are okay. Granted living with someone else can be a challenge. She does get her attitudes that drive me insane. But she does do a lot. Ava would not go to sleep. Screaming her ass off. It was one am. My mother came and got her. She ended up sleeping in her room. I woke up for work with a few hours of sleep. She said she didn’t go to sleep until 3am. I was so thankful to have my mother at that moment. Those moments make me feel like I made the right decision. That is not how I feel everyday believe me. But I need to start appreciating the good and stop bitching.

The house is getting together. We got the floors done in the living room and dinning. My mother and I are going half on the living room set. We ended up getting the one my mother wanted. I really didn’t care either way. It made her happy so I thought why not. It was also more money. It is coming on Saturday.

I am the queen of listing my mother defects. I am sure she is the queen of listing mine.I am going to try and do better.

I might have a date. Our stairs were cracked during the blizzard. My aunt and I was driving by and found a masonry to fix the stairs. She did more the talking. So this was more then four months ago. Five different people came and looked at the stairs. My mother and I were concerned about a lawsuit if someone hurt themselves. It is not all her fault, but my aunt takes forever to do anything.

Anywho, my mother ended up calling the guy my aunt and I met. So I came home from work and he was working bent over on the stairs. I asked him could he look at the check to make sure we spelled his name correct. He asked me if I was married as I walked away. Which I totally missed. My mother heard listening from the window. Oh yes she is nosy as hell. But in this incident it helped me. I ended up going back outside. He asked me if I was single. He is so damn sexy. I am in shocked he hit on me. He is also 36. LOL I am robbing the cradle. I am not going to pursue until our stair are finished. Which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Family Reunion

It is the fourth of July weekend. I actually have plans. I am going to the Cape AKA Cape cod tomorrow with my father. There is an annual cookout where his clan comes far and wide to attend. Ava and I are going this year. I am fat as hell. I haven’t been in the greatest place in the past few months and have been eating my ass off.

I am headed back to my program on Sunday and work on getting to my goal weight of 165.00. I still haven’t been dating. Working on that. Not sure where the time for all this will come. I told my mother if some money came into my life. I would get a sperm donor to work on baby number two.

Ava has been biting. Have no idea where this has come from. She is not in daycare learning this from other kids. She is the evil kid that would be in daycare biting other kids. All I can say is stop don’t bite mommy. Which she still has yet to say.

This reunion will be very interesting. I did not grow up with my father’s people. I literately have hundreds of cousins. My father aunt had ten kids. His sister had seven. With other aunts and uncles kids. Hopefully I will find a few that live in Boston around my age that I can hang with. Keeping hope alive.
My car has been giving me some issues. Since I just charged a living room set for our new living room. My mother is paying half. I am not in the mood for a car payment. I am going to have to get over it and learn to be a big girl. Shit happens. Not much you can do about it.

On that note I am working on being proactive with my life. In may ways. My weight and employment and everything else in between.