Living Room Love!!

Our Living Room is almost finished. All I need to purchase is baby gates. We got the hardwood floors sanded and varnished. Which we kind of mess up moving furniture on it to soon. Hopefully my mother handy man friend can fix it. As I am typing this Ava is crying because she is tired beyond belief but do not want to go to sleep. The furniture came with a nice rug we picked up. The 50 inch TV is set up. Now I can watch TV while Ava plays on the floor with all her toys. I love it. We are not confined to my room and her in a play pin. She now has the lay of the land.

I had an incident at work that I hope get worked out. Or I might be going to small claims court. It is a long story and since I have no idea who reads my blog, I can’t really get into it. I will just say I will not be taken advantage of. The guy who did the stairs has yet to call back. Oh well I am moving on from that situation. These days I need a man who really wants to make an effort.

I finally got the book about changing my career. Thanks Kristen for the suggestion. I just have had not time to read it. I am going to work on that. Once Ava falls a sleep, I am going to take a long shower and wash away the week from me. The young guy at work and I have been talking a lot more. Not sure if he is interested in me or just like that attention from an older woman. It could be either or. My boss who left knows I am looking for a job. Which is so funny. You never know who is in on what you are trying to do. I didn’t tell her, she must have figured it out. Either way sounds like a great reference I can use. I am thankful it is Friday, but I have stuff to do tomorrow. I can sleep in a little bit. Which I hope Ava lets me.

One thought on “Living Room Love!!

  1. Glad you got the book. Will be interested to know what you think of it. Your living room sounds awesome – I continue to be a little bit jealous of matching furniture set. 🙂 Someday. That situation at work sounds like a pain, sorry you’re dealing with that.

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