Pissed off!!

Ok, I am very upset. Someone betrayed my trust. I know I need to let it go. But it is hard to let those type of things go. I am praying she didn’t do it on purpose. It does slip in my mind that she did. Something was revealed on Facebook. I personally sent it to my friends in a text message.

Facebook’s is not a website of my friends. It is a website of acquaintances. Granted my family is on there and some good friend from Atlanta. Hence why I post pictures of the baby and I. To keep them updated. It is easier that way. In no way do I let my personal world collide with someone I went to high school with. When I signed up for Facebook all those years ago. I had no idea I would still be on this site. I am not sure anyone did. It is nice to see pictures of people.

I been home a year, has anyone reached out to me. NOPE!! Has anyone said hey your back in town you want to do something. Hello NO. Clearly not friends of mine. I will let this go shortly, I am mad right now.

I called her right up and she deleted it thank god. I told her I wouldn’t tell her another thing about my life. I meant that!!! I am also going to be more guarded. Which I don’t want to be, but it might need to be a necessity.


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