Watch “Single mother fears!!!” on YouTube


3 thoughts on “Watch “Single mother fears!!!” on YouTube

  1. It’s so fun watching your videos after reading you all this time! 🙂 Nice job! I’m glad your fears didn’t come to fruition and it’s clear you don’t regret your decision. Interesting to know about the support aspect, too, how people came forward but most of them where you’d been living and not as many there – and how Ava isn’t super fond of just anybody. One of my nieces was like that and also super fussy – their second baby is super mellow so it evened out. Ava just sounds like she prefers certain people. Her personality might end up being an introvert like me – not shy but just have a smaller circle of friends and need time alone to “recharge” energy. See my career counselor coming out! ha 🙂

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