I have a big mouth!!

I talk to much. It has always been an issue for me. Why can’t I stay quiet. When will I learn my lessons. I have been very vocal about the issues at work. Some of my co-workers are thrilled that I am speaking for them. Others think I am stupid as hell and will soon have a target on my back.

I know what I am saying is correct and very true. About the treatment and the way we are treated. Should I be the spoke’s person. How did I get elected. I elected myself, speaking to the injustice. Which usually happens at every job I am. Office politics will always be there.

They ask for our opinions. The question is do they really want it. Or do they want us to co-sign that they are correct. Presently my job is very volume base. Which is not something I enjoy. There is a lot of work to be done. Two people have left. If more leave we are screwed. The work just gets split up. There are a bunch of un happy employees. I hear the job market is booming for my field right now. I have a feeling people on going to be out of this place as soon as possible.

I am going to work on keeping my mouth closed. I doubt it is going to work. I can’t hold water. LMAO


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