Life and more life!!

I have so much to report. I have gotten a new job. I had so many issues at my old job it was crazy. They lied about the health insurance and I asked about the benefits. The woman neglected to tell me all they had was a high deductible plan. For Ava and I my deductible was 6,000. They offered free parking. Which was on the ad I applied to. Well they decided to take that away randomly. So when your week came up you couldn’t park in the lot. This company is in the middle or a residential neighborhood. People were moving there cars every three hours. In fears of being towed or ticketed. Thank god several people lived close to me and we car pooled.

Lime stone acid leaked on my car in the garage. They didn’t want to pay the 1800.00 worth of damage. I had to sue them to get them to pay. Once that happened I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore. It was time to leave. There were other issues with that job. Which are the usual office politics. The corporate crap was enough for me. Oh let me not forget in my last few days. My boss I have only had for a few months tried to screw me out of money. One of my sick days she was going to turn into a vacation day because I gave her the paperwork late. Then my last day I couldn’t take a half a day because it was in the handbook. I really thought this lady was crazy. You know I had a fit. Neither of those things happened. I told them you couldn’t let me go without more issues. Management did apologize to me but the damage was done. The funny thing is my facilities I worked for loved me and were sending me emails of appreciation. Which was great. Warmed my heart.

I start on Monday to the new gig. I am nervous, like I am with any new job. Excited with the hours. I have one long day a week. I also have a half a day on Friday. Thank god for my mother, which makes this possible.

Ava had her appointment with early intervention and she does qualify. They will be working with her once a week. She didn’t do well in two areas.They tested her for two hours.  Adaptive Self-Care and Communication she didn’t do well. She did well in Cognition, Motor Development, Personal Social/Interaction/Self Concept. My mother didn’t like  a few of the women. One was on her cell phone. The other put her feet on our couch. They also wanted her in a group with other toddlers. Since I cannot drive her there. The answer is no. I am not putting a child that can’t communicate on a bus. Sorry not comfortable with that at all.

With the transition of to the new job. I had to buy my own health insurance for two months. I wasn’t paying for COBRA and having a child I had to have insurance. My new job insurance doesn’t start for 60 days. Other then that I am excited about the job. Wish I didn’t have to work at all. Which is not reality. I am praying this is a place I can stay for the long term.

After I am at this job for six months, I will be making the decision for second baby or not. I don’t have a lot of time to work with. So real decisions need to be made.

My weight is out of control and I am starting again tomorrow to finally lose this 55 pounds. I haven’t been feeling great about myself with this weight. Haven’t really been putting the real effort in. Self-esteem is a big thing with me. So I know I have to take care of this.  Life keeps coming!!!


Master Class: Whoopi Goldberg

I was glued to the screen. I always loved Whoopi Goldberg movies. I can name several, I can watch over and over again. To hear her story was so inspiring. I always felt like an odd duck. Not like everyone else. I am learning to love myself, and not force myself to conform to the masses. I always thought it would be simpler to be like everyone else.

A friend said to me, I am always working on something. I really thought everyone did the same thing. I lived my life always doing things differently. I always had various passions in different parts of my life. I always had self doubt of who I am. I am going to work on standing strong with my differences.

Know that my difference from others is a gift from god. I was meant to stand out and live my authentic life. I know that is used a lot for LBGT coming out of the closet. I feel it stands for me in many ways. I am not gay, but I have to work on living my authentic life.

I have to make time for all I want and desire. I am always thinking of something else I want out of life. I know to others it feels like I am not grateful for what I have. It is the contrary. I am grateful for every gift and blessing. For me standing still is difficult. I spent to much of my life doing nothing. If I am not working on the next project, the next stage of my life. I feel like I am not living.