Santa is gone!!

Christmas is over and I have work bright and early tomorrow. I didn’t scratch all my lottery tickets. Maybe I will get through it tonight. Or maybe I will save them for New Years. Dave and I are on the outs. We might get over it, might not. When people say relationships are hard, I totally understand. I swear my life changes on a dime.

I know I am quick to pull the trigger and kick someone to the curb. Not one of best traits. I will work on it in 2016. I did not tell a bunch of people what happened with Dave and I. I learned from my mistakes. If you let to many people in, it opens it up for opinion. I use to welcome those opinions back in the day. Now not so much. What I decided to do where he is concerned I will work out myself. If it ends in a big ass hear break, I will call my road dogs for comfort.

I am still considering having another baby. I will make the decision by the summer. Ava is doing well. She is a happy baby, who makes me laugh all the time. Her lack of speech does bother me. Only because I don’t want my baby to have any issues. Then I watch the St. Jude commercials with children with cancer, and I thank god my baby is healthy.

She wasn’t really into Christmas. Spent more time playing with the boxes, and the cheapest toy. Didn’t like the dolls. The talking Elmo got about ten minutes of attention. We will see what happens next year.

I really like my job so far. I had to leave early last Thursday to take Ava to a followup Doctor’s appointment. No more ear infection thank god. We had to do two rounds of antibiotics. I have noticed my baby is a brat, and cries anytime she doesn’t get her way. Which I ignore, and Nana does not. LOL she knows she gets away with murder. That face is hard to see cry. I do it!!!

4 thoughts on “Santa is gone!!

  1. Merry Christmas ! Lol @ Ava playing with boxes lol. We used to do that as kids.

    Sorry you and Dave are beefing. Hope you find someone who is everything you need and desire !

    Have you considered using Ava’s donor for #2 so they have the same father?

    • Merry Christmas. I should have just bought boxese lol. Donor for Ava for number 2 is not going to happen. I am in boston he is in Atlanta. Also I lost touch with him. Not that I tried to stay in touch. I have a feeling Dave and I will work it out.😊

      • I didn’t realize that you didn’t go through a cryobank…. kewl. Lol. I hope you guys figure it out. Relationships are sooooo much work trying to figure each other out and trying to be your authentic self and sift thru the bs. Good luck! !

      • You are telling the truth on that. Relationship are work. So I did go through a cryobank at first. My fertility doctor and I got into it and then I found a known donor. 😊

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