Face Reality!!

Okay Winter is finally coming. I just order some boots and gloves online. I know I am late. I was praying winter would pass me by. Last winter in Boston was so ridiculous I can’t even describe how I hate snow.  I have my boots from last year which I think has a whole in them. My foot got wet today.

First day Low Carb, High Fat Diet (LCHF). I did great today. I am still snacking to much. It has only been on almonds and pork rinds. Pork Rinds are not my fav, but I am getting use to them. I think I stayed under 30 carbs today. I was trying for 20 but 30 is good. I am so ready to get this weight off. I can no longer go to my old program. I finally realized I don’t have time for that type of commitment. #singlemomproblems. Yes my child doesn’t see me enough as it is. Committing to that program was really hard for me.

I digress, even thought the food is delicious on this diet. This shit isn’t easy when you are use to putting a bunch of crap in your mouth. I have gained 35 pounds in a very short period of time. I want to lose 60-70 pounds. One day at a time. I decided I am not going to eat the apples I bought. I didn’t know it was against the diet plan. I really was going to put my foot down. I bought them I am eating them. Then I thought how stupid that is. I can barely fit into my big clothes. I am going to mess up a chance to get into my cute clothes for a baby of apples. Yeah sounds crazy I know.

This diet goes everything I been taught about dieting my entire life. I been listening to a lot of YouTube video’s on the subject. I also bought the book the insulin resistant diet. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I am all in with this. Trying to curb my snacking. Also knowing the right things to eat and not eat.

Dave and I talked today, I have a feeling we will work things out soon. We will see, I am keeping hope alive. 2016 is coming so quickly and I am shocked how quickly my life has gone by. I am going to make a point to enjoy every once of it going forward.

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