Santa is not her friend!!!

Merry Christmas

She isn’t feeling the big Red guy at all. I got the picture at Walmart. The Santa was sitting there. I asked could we take a picture he said sure. I added the rest to the picture. I didn’t have to sit in a two hour line to get the same awful crying picture. Win, win!!!

I have all the gifts wrapped. Waiting for two presents in the mail. The guy I am dating which we will call Dave from now on. Dave and I drove to three stores last Wednesday to find the play kitchen. After all that traveling with no luck. I ended up ordering it online. I swear you can’t find anything in the stores any more. I also ordered my mother a toaster oven. Since she doesn’t read my blog the secret is safe. They should both be here by the 19th. 20151213_215908-1

I finally found a topper for the tree. I am happy with are Charlie Brown tree. I know I am dating myself with that reference. All the people around my age knows what I mean.

I didn’t do anything last year. She was so small. I doubt she has any understanding now. She did walk over and touch the presents like what is that.

I have a new doctor which I really like. I left that clinic I was at and went somewhere totally different. The woman took her time and was very patient with my concerns. I have to schedule a hearing test and I will be having a delay specialist consultation. All in all a productive visit. Just on a side note. When we are in the car and the music is playing, I swear she is singing with the song. Not totally sure, but it sure seems like it.

I was talking to another single mother by choice friend. We were discussing our children challenges.  There is nothing that could happen that would make me not want to be her mother. I love this little girl so much. More then myself. I cried  and begged god to bring me her. Now my Christmas are special again. My life is revitalized because she is a part of it. I am her mom and it the most important job of my life!!!!!!!

Not a fan of Ava doctor!!!

Okay in the interest of finding something for my child to do. She is sick. The day after the indoor gym, my baby was sick. By Tuesday I rushed her to urgent care. She was put on antibiotics. She had a raging ear infection.

Then today we went for her 18 month appointment. The doctor rushed through the appointment. I was not happy at all. For some reason she thinks I am a welfare mom. I only picked this heifer for convenience. To make it is worse she is a black woman. Putting me in the category of low income mom. I really didn’t like her when we first met her. My mom liked her. I am switching doctors on Monday.

She did give me the referral to get Ava’s hearing check. Now I am going to have her delays reviewed by a specialist. This is the same woman that thought I didn’t need to call early intervention. I need to be an advocate for my baby. She will always know Mom has her back.

Her speech therapist came on Friday. Ava was still sick and not in the mood for her. She understood and will be back next Friday.

The shining star in this whole situation. Is the new man in my life. Granted I talked to family members today. Also close friends, and expressed my feelings towards my child’s delays.

The new man in my life will be at her doctor’s appointment with me. Can I say WOW. That really made me like this man even more. My mother is not good in certain situations. It is for a man in my life to have my back. That has not been the case in many situations in my life. I felt like I was in a relationship and still going it alone. Hopefully he comes through. My friends said they hope he is the guy for me. I have to say I hope he is also.

We will see time and action will tell. We all know actions speak louder then words!!!!