Paper Horder

I have papers everywhere. I need to really get it together. I decided once my busy bee goes to bed I will work on it. She is not the one to give me time to do much. As I am typing this she is playing with the mouse. I bought this child all these toys and most of the time she could careless about them.

I took my before pictures. I wanted to see the big difference when I hit my goal. I looked at those pictures in disgust. I know you are supposed to love the skin you are in. But come on, I am not feeling mine. Just being honest. My weight is fluctuating on that scale. So I am going to weight myself once a month.
I can get addicted to a scale in a minute. Which I feel is not healthy at all. I also need to keep logging my food. Which I have I am still very lazy about it. All these things will help my success. I need to stop being lazy. I am also very tired. I am going to make a doctor’s appointment soon and see what I can do about it.


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