Living life!!!

WHY do I like a man that frustrates the hell out of me. Or is that his job. He sure acts like he is getting paid.
Today is Ava speech therapy.  We are finally getting back to it now that the holidays are over. I know the results are not going to be instant. But I can keep hope alive. My mom is still not convinced we need all this. I feel we definitely do need it. It is also free, I have no reason to turn it down. All I see Are benefits in the long run.
I like my new job. Which is a blessing.  I have been in many situations where I couldn’t say that. The things we have to put up with to pay our bills. 
I am trying to figure out the formula for this low carb high fat diet.
Ok one version says count your calories. The other says you don’t have to. You can have almond as a snack in moderation. I took those almonds to the teenth power. Clearly no moderation for me. I messed up a few times. So starting again today.
I will go grocery shopping tonight.  Between the diet doctor website, the insulin resistance book and youtube. I think I have a good grocery list.
I also need to stop being the lazy ass I am and log my food. Myfitnesspal works and very simple. My laziness knows no bound. I did get on the treadmill on Tuesday for 15 minutes. That all my out of shape ass could take. Then Wednesday Dave and I went to pick up a freezer from my father. Thursday my late day at work. So two days no treadmill. My plan is to get on it today. As I said plan. I have the plan I need action steps.

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