Tired as hell!!

Okay, I can not figure out what makes my daughter wake up in the middle of the night. What makes her sleep through the night. If I new the formula you know I would be on it like I was getting paid. My payment being sleep.

I have been in the powerball crazy like everyone else. My aunt told me she wouldn’t want all that money. I told her she is alone in that thought. Granted I don’t necessarily need that large sum of money. I sure wouldn’t turn it away if it came my way.

My youth seems to be passing me by. David Bowie died. I can’t believe he is gone. Granted I haven’t thought about him in years. I can remember watching his video’s on MTV. My music is officially old school music. When did that happen. These kids are so so young.

I have no complaints except lack of sleep. Things are good and I am appreciating it today!!!


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