My baby can hear!!!

Ava had her hearing test today. It is so interesting how they conduct that test on a toddler. They have sounds and spinning Disney characters. We discovered Ava and I can hear. Nana is going deaf. She said I can’t hear anything. Over the year and half I been home, I can tell my mother is getting to be hard of hearing.

All Ava’s test came back normal. I talked to the guy giving the test. I asked him do he diagnose a lot of babies with hearing issues. He said yes, he had to fit a two month old with hearing aids. OMG, Thank you my baby can hear. I can’t imagine what those parents go through. He said he is seeing a lot more of hearing issues with babies. With modern medicine a lot of preemies babies are living that would have died in the past. They can have a lot of issues such as hearing and site.

My new boss started this week. Can I tell you this woman is gorgeous. I seen her and my mouth fell open. I told my co-worker, who hadn’t met her yet. When she met her, she said she is beautiful. She is really nice and sweet and has given us a bunch a compliments. I hope work stays so effortless. She also told me she thought I was 10 years younger then what I am. You know I was smiling. I look a lot younger then that when I lose weight. I digress on that issue. I am a food addict, plan and simple!!!


2 thoughts on “My baby can hear!!!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you received this awesome news about Ava! Interesting about more hearing/sight problems with more preemies living. I guess it’s a problem they would rather have, as long as they have their baby but it’s difficult. Glad your new job is going well, also! I hope your new boss continues to be nice and easy to work with.

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