Things Happen!!

Things happen when they are supposed to. My man I guess I will call him now. Gave me the money for me to purchase a Fitbit. So exciting. I found a few playgroups and interesting thing for my mini me and I to do. With my mother watching her, she needs to be around children her own age.

A friend of mine sent me a calendar of things to do in the area. She sent it before and I really didn’t pay attention. I guess god put things in your face when your really need it. I talked to her recently and when I got the email this time I read it.

I am gong to call the women doing the playgroup tomorrow and see if we can attend. Hopefully we will have a social life every Saturday morning.

I had to take a class for work. I didn’t study at all. I felt like the biggest idiot in the last class today. I am an tired single mother. I had not time to study for anything. I have much respect for women going to school working and taking care or kids. I have no idea how they do it. Nor in my old age do I want to do all that. I am trying to work up the energy to work on the projects I am interested in. My writing is a big source of procrastination in my life. Since I can no longer update this blog at work. I haven’t been consistent with it.

I am going to try and do better. I have a lot I want to accomplish and I need to stop with the excuses. I have a doctor’s appointment. I am going to see what I can be subscribed for my fatigue.


Hyper sensative!!

I have been really emotional. Not sure why. I am also looking at every child Ava age. Some say words some do not. Granted I am not engaging these children. Just paying attention in public places. The speech therapist said she is doing well. I still haven’t heard any words. Granted we really been consistent with her therapy over about a month in a half. When things first started there were so many holidays it wasn’t consistent. She really likes the two women that come every week. She is finally use to them and enjoys them playing with her. Which is what therapy looks like. Playing!!! Shit if it gets my baby to talk I am all good with that.

So there is an additional therapy at the center. It is with other children and I believe it was an hour or two a week. Well plumber said he would take her. I do trust him and shocked by this offer. We still are working out the times and I would need to get her another car seat. I want to do everything possible for my baby.

It is so hard, I been praying every night. Please help my baby talk. She is so beautiful and loving and cute and makes me laugh every day. I just want to hear her call me mommy.

Snow Days!!

I had Friday and now Monday because of snow.  Thank god we went grocery shopping yesterday. I don’t mind being at home. Not much going on at the moment, princess is sleeping and I really don’t want her sleeping to long. She woke up at 3am this morning. Her hours of sleeping are all over the place.

My weight is still a problem, but I have been doing great today. Even thought my mother had me make her brownies and I want one real bad. I know if I have one I will have the whole pan. So I am staying away.

All in all, no complaints life is good.

What I am praying for??

I know my prayers have changed over the years. I am so grateful to have my baby. My life is completely different. Even when she drives me crazy, I am still so in love with her I can’t take it.

I am praying to be a stay at home mom. I know it is not rational. I am the only income in this family. God can move mountains so why not pray for what I want. I want another baby and to be a stay at home mom in my own house. I pray that Ava delays are minor and easy taken care of. Her Speech therapist said she is doing great.

We have a delay test with a doctor coming in May. I am praying that everything is minor. We will see all I can do is stay prayed up. The therapist did make good point that she is still very drolly. I looked online and she could have enlarged tonsils which is what the therapist thought. Or her molars could be coming in. I notice she is always congested. I need to make her two year old appointment in May. It can wait to then. I have just started this job and not ready to ask a bunch of favors on time.

I already have to take a few days off in May for her Delay test. God is good and things are on point. I have a snow day tomorrow. No work, Yeppie!!! You never know what is around the corner. I appreciate all my blessing and can’t wait to see what else my life is going to bring.