Hyper sensative!!

I have been really emotional. Not sure why. I am also looking at every child Ava age. Some say words some do not. Granted I am not engaging these children. Just paying attention in public places. The speech therapist said she is doing well. I still haven’t heard any words. Granted we really been consistent with her therapy over about a month in a half. When things first started there were so many holidays it wasn’t consistent. She really likes the two women that come every week. She is finally use to them and enjoys them playing with her. Which is what therapy looks like. Playing!!! Shit if it gets my baby to talk I am all good with that.

So there is an additional therapy at the center. It is with other children and I believe it was an hour or two a week. Well plumber said he would take her. I do trust him and shocked by this offer. We still are working out the times and I would need to get her another car seat. I want to do everything possible for my baby.

It is so hard, I been praying every night. Please help my baby talk. She is so beautiful and loving and cute and makes me laugh every day. I just want to hear her call me mommy.


3 thoughts on “Hyper sensative!!

  1. Yes, glad to hear you’re still seeing the guy and he’s stepping up like that. Sorry for the emotional wave – now that you mention it, I’ve been feeling emotional too for no good reason. Sending good thoughts that Ava gets her first words out soon.

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