So Pissed!!!

I had an appointment for Ava today. The woman stood me up. I called the office and they said she was sick and was supposed to call me. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t leave work early.

My work boyfriend from my last job. Finally got another job. Thank you Jesus. He deserved it. He text me earlier this week to give him a reference. Which I did of course. This is the second person from that job that I gave a reference for that got new jobs. I do give great references. Not to perfect so they know you aren’t friends. But glowing of course. My work boyfriend and I was such the odd couple. He was 5’3 Vietnamese dude. I am a six foot black woman. We would have coffee together in the break room and go walking at lunch. He was a really cool guy.

He actually lives around the corner from me. Not fat at all. We should hang out more, but I have babysitting issues. We are around the same age. He doesn’t have any children.

Ava and I had a date with the plumber/boyfriend tonight. We went out to eat. I love how attentive he is to her. She had a good time. She likes to go out. I had a good time also from the grind of doing the something all the time.

I really like my boss at my new job. We get along great. Which is strange for me. She is so easy to work with. I hope it stays that way. I would love to make more money, but the fact that I am respected and not stressed at this job. I am never leaving. Everyone knows how much I talk about the lottery. I would possible stay at this job even winning the lottery. So you know I like it there.

Life is good but dealing with the good and the bad. Trying to remember all my blessing and things could always be worse.

Scared to Death!!

I know my post the other day brought questions. My daughter got a diagnoses the other day I was not prepared for or could totally comprehend what came out of the doctors mouth. I thought about sharing. I am not sure this is something I want to share or make her the poster girl for the cause. A friend said I might change my mind once we get to the other end. I will leave that open.

We have a lot of challenges ahead and a lot of appointments. Thank god I have a job with less stress and a schedule I can fit these thing with being a new employee. God brought me this baby so many people said I had no business having. A doctor told me I would never have. I look at her face and I cry for my baby. I cried to have her, I cry with her and I cry for her. The love I have for this child is a love I have never experienced. I would give me life for hers to be all it can be. She will be going through a lot very soon. Please pray for her and pray for me to have the strength as her mother.

A close friend asked would I have changed my mind to have her, If I knew this in advance. The answer is hell no. Many people are in worst situation, similar situations are better situation. There is a reason God made me her mother. I will cry and have fears and pray for my baby. But I will be strong with every hard step she has to take.

Good Start!!

Since I set up my Fitbit, I been on fire. I made 10K steps today. I started doing my mom’s beach body DVD. I been logging my food. All is good. I am hoping I stay motivated. That is defiantly one of my character flaws. It is hard for me to stay on the course.

I am so excited. Ava and I have a social life. I finally found a playgroup for us to go to. Twice a month on Saturdays. It will be held until May. I called the woman who conducts it and she also does a pajama party once a month. Then I found out a local library does blocks for ages 0-5. We have things to do and I am thrilled.

A friend of mine is very involved in the community and gave me all the information. I will feel like a better mom getting out of the house. Doing activities with my child. It begins this week. I hope she enjoys it.