Good Start!!

Since I set up my Fitbit, I been on fire. I made 10K steps today. I started doing my mom’s beach body DVD. I been logging my food. All is good. I am hoping I stay motivated. That is defiantly one of my character flaws. It is hard for me to stay on the course.

I am so excited. Ava and I have a social life. I finally found a playgroup for us to go to. Twice a month on Saturdays. It will be held until May. I called the woman who conducts it and she also does a pajama party once a month. Then I found out a local library does blocks for ages 0-5. We have things to do and I am thrilled.

A friend of mine is very involved in the community and gave me all the information. I will feel like a better mom getting out of the house. Doing activities with my child. It begins this week. I hope she enjoys it.


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