Scared to Death!!

I know my post the other day brought questions. My daughter got a diagnoses the other day I was not prepared for or could totally comprehend what came out of the doctors mouth. I thought about sharing. I am not sure this is something I want to share or make her the poster girl for the cause. A friend said I might change my mind once we get to the other end. I will leave that open.

We have a lot of challenges ahead and a lot of appointments. Thank god I have a job with less stress and a schedule I can fit these thing with being a new employee. God brought me this baby so many people said I had no business having. A doctor told me I would never have. I look at her face and I cry for my baby. I cried to have her, I cry with her and I cry for her. The love I have for this child is a love I have never experienced. I would give me life for hers to be all it can be. She will be going through a lot very soon. Please pray for her and pray for me to have the strength as her mother.

A close friend asked would I have changed my mind to have her, If I knew this in advance. The answer is hell no. Many people are in worst situation, similar situations are better situation. There is a reason God made me her mother. I will cry and have fears and pray for my baby. But I will be strong with every hard step she has to take.


6 thoughts on “Scared to Death!!

  1. I have and will continue to pray for you both! May your support system rally around you both to keep you strong and in good spirits!

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