Missing things!!

I miss Atlanta, I miss my friends, I missed being under 200 pounds, I missed living alone. I don’t regret any of the choices I made. I still miss a lot from my old life. I moved to Atlanta to have a great new life. Which I did. A lot of ups and downs. I wanted to come home during the last couple year in Atlanta. I wasn’t totally aware of what I was giving up.

I am going out with my old co-worker on Friday. My work boyfriend got a new job. I am so excited for him. He really deserves it. It should be good times. Also the boyfriend is taking half a day off on Saturday to hang with me and the babes. Hopefully it is a nice day. We are going to lunch and to the park. It is nice to go the park with another adult with Ava. I feel less on guard to her falling or me missing anything.

Ava and I have not made our way to the things I wanted to get her involved in. I think I am going to make a push next weekend. To hit up the library for block time. My desire to be a stay at home is strong. Which is in no way possible. All about the dollars. Not having enough to keep my ass at home. I need to pay the bills.

My health insurance is going up. I can’t believe this shit. I have changed health insurance as much as I changed my draws. From different jobs, to self pay plans. I thought I would be with this one for a while. The family plan is no joke in price.It looked like our doctors are with this new plan. It is still something I am tired of. Such is life. Nothing to do but grow up and deal with the bullshit.

Hindsight is 20/20. If I could do it all over again there would have been many different choices. I can’t cry over spilt milk and suck it up.


2 thoughts on “Missing things!!

  1. You lived there a long time, I think it’s pretty normal that you’re missing it sometimes. Curious what you miss most about Atlanta?
    Your day with the boyfriend and baby sounds fun! Hope you enjoy it.

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