Will this last!!!

I feel men are put on this earth to frustrate us. I am in a relationship. It really works for my situation. He understands I am a single mother. My mother gets alone with him, better then me. So he is welcome in the house pretty much when ever he wants. He is handy. Which I find so sexy. I love a man who can fix things. Why I had an on and off relationship for 12 years. He fixed everything in my house to my car. I loved that dude. he was the one guy I really wanted to marry who didn’t want to marry me. I know sad story, but the truth is we would probably be divorced now if he would have agreed.

Life took many major turns for me. That 12 year distraction in my life. I will call him that because looked back, he was such a waste of time. You know that guy who gives you enough to keep you around. Well I have cussed him out on so many occasion it is comical how he kept coming back. Or I am the queen of being lonely and going down the road of the dick of Christmas past looking for validation. I am so glad I am not in that place any more.

I got rid of those old phone books. I would usually call the guys who liked me more then I liked them. Also it is unnerving that a lot of men I dated are now married. I always wondered if I stuck it out would one of them be my husband right now.  Especially since several of them are my Facebook friend. I know I should delete them but I can’t I like to be nosy.

So this present relationship. I hope it last but I wouldn’t bet money on it. I know I am not that optimistic. I know myself. I really don’t do well in relationship. I am the tell a man off in a min for his foolishness. I had to apologize to the man today. I went off on him last night. It wasn’t his fault. I am woman enough to apologize. I do like things my way. Character flaw I am working on. If I get another baby out the deal with financial help. I would consider that success. If we end up together that would be like I won the Superbowl.



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