I can’t believe Prine is dead!!!

What the hell is going on these days. So many people that were icon in my life dying. Prince was a major obsession of mine. My god sister and I watched Purple Rain so many times my god mother through out the VHS tape. It was the first time we saw boobs that weren’t our mom’s. Which unfortunately Apollonia from the movie is also dead at the same age 57.

I feel he was only 57. 57 doesn’t seem old to me. I am praying it isn’t a drug overdose. Meaning something he did to himself. This man had money, why would he do this to himself. It just shows me how blessed I am. I thank god I am hear every day. Life is not promised to anyone. That man only being 5’2 made a remarkable mark on this society. I hope I can do the something. I am a long way away, but keeping hope alive.


One thought on “I can’t believe Prine is dead!!!

  1. Seems when he landed his plane, he was treated by police on the tarmac for an opiate OD! When he could not get a privatebroom, he left without staying 24 hrs against docs orders… he was only 48 miles from home when he landed.

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