I want to start a new blog!!

As a friend said I always have a project. I want to start a new blog. Focusing on true stories of my life. Change the names for the privacy. Also with no pictures of myself or any way to track me.

I need to do the research of how to make money with it. Which is the best platform. All this takes time I don’t have. As you can see I can barely keep up with this blog. Or my YouTube channel. Granted I have been posting a video once a week for several months. I think I am good through May. I am going to keep working on my dreams. I need to have outside interest to keep myself authentic. I can’t get lost in work and Ava and worries. I need an outlet that is just me.

That is why I wish I had a husband, or babies daddy. Or someone that can give me a real break. Not a babysitter, but someone else who has an interest in my daughter well being. I can wish life was that way. Clearly it is not.

I had a website before which I let fall apart. Due to the time it took to figure out how to maintain it. Also I am a good starter. I have so many started projects. I would be further along if I was a finisher.

I am waiting for The man to show up. I think it is not happening tonight. When it gets to late and he works all day he is going to bed. When I talked to him last he was on a job and said he will call me back. That was at 6:45. So we will see. If he isn’t here by 10pm then I am headed to bed. Or working on my many projects I need to finish. I only have time when Ava is asleep. Which I am dead tired also. I want to be successful I need to work at it.





3 thoughts on “I want to start a new blog!!

  1. I hear you on the anonymity. I don’t mind so much for me but when I have a child, I will likely worry more when sharing details about them. I also relate on the having someone who cares as much as you about Ava – glad you have your mom at least. I would not have family where I live… I wanted to ask you a question but I don’t think I have your email… I was wondering if you’d be willing to share about my fundrazr campaign. My boyfriend and I broke up and I am motivated to finally make my dream happen through CA Conceptions. I can send more info on campaign by email if you’re interested. Thanks!

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