Men are here for Frustration!

The man and I are fighting. Not physically, verbally. The issue of surrounding this mess is not important. I am sick of men and there frustrating ways. I think this why I am usually single then in a relationship. As I told him I am not desperate. That is to let him know I have no problem moving on. Unfortunately I never had a problem moving on. When I feel things aren’t right I drop them like a bad habit. I am not throwing in the towel. We will see if we get through this our not. I am not optimistic, but I have been wrong before.

He seems like he really wants this relationships. My things is actions speaks louder then words always. It doesn’t help that most of my ex are married. It really puts rubbing alcohol on an open sore.

Especially the few I am Facebook friends with. I would rather not know about there relationships, but I am  nosy and that won’t let me delete them as Friends. I know I have issues.

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