Getting my life Together!!

Finally have two days to string together. I finally have kept my food in I exercised for two days in a row. Yesterday more than today. I was watching Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow did his thing. That was a great episode. So my half of an hour walked turned into an hour.

Today was 20min because it was a long day. With traffic and heading to the grocery store. So I am glad I got some exercise in. Just having my food in some sort of calorie count is more then I have been doing in a year.

The man and I made up today. I knew it would be a matter of time. We will see how it goes from here. Mother’s Day was great. Thank you for everyone wishing me a good one. My Mother, Aunt, Ava and I had Chinese food and watched a movie. Actually Ava through her noddles on the floor and ended up with some quick macaroni and cheese. The rest of us enjoyed the food.

I requested the notes from Ava therapist. They said she is doing very well. I still haven’t heard any words. A lot of babbling. Hopefully the words will come soon. The therapist are optimistic. I am keeping god with me through all of this!!!!


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