Lazy Mom!

Supermom will never be my title. I wish I could put myself in that category. There are many things I wish I could do better. I know I am being hard on myself. So this morning Ava woke up at her usual 5:30am. With it being Saturday. We weren’t going anywhere until after her afternoon nap. I turned on the TV to her shows and laid in the bed while she tumbled over my head until 8am. Which is an hour after her usual breakfast time.

Then my mother woke up and said you can have a nap. There is a god I thought. It took me a half an hour to fall asleep. That hour and a half went so quick. My mother works on Saturdays. She dropped Ava in my bed and said here you go. I did the same-thing, turned on the TV and got another hour of her bouncing on me kicking me and other cruel things she can do to her mom, while she watches her shows. I got up about 12:30pm to give her lunch. Also late. I made something quick and Ava wasn’t having it she tried to throw all the food on the floor. She is crying and I am yelling. It struck me, she is tired her nap is usually at 11:30am. Even thought I been sleep she has been up since 5:30am.

This is truly not one of my best Mommy moments. I am sure I will have more. The reason I am tired is because earlier this week. She woke up in the middle of the night and thought we were having a party and wanted to play. I haven’t been able to catch up from that. Then last night, she had a night terror. Screaming in her sleep. I am glad I been through that before with her or I would be terrified. Your kids is screaming from the top of her lungs. It is almost like a monster is chasing her or something. The whole time her eyes are closed and she is sleep. I pat her back until she calms down. Well that was at 3am last night. So yes we have sleeping issues in this house.

Then my mother is cleaning all the time. She has some OCD issues about cleaning. I am actually not complaining. Who doesn’t like a clean house. She will be up several nights a week cleaning. This house is not that messy WTF. Hey it is her thing, I am going to leave it alone. I use to clean once a week. To much going on during the week to clean. There are Pros and Cons from living at home with my mom. The nap is one of the biggest pros in the world. I need that extra sleep.One of my internet friends in the sisterhood lost her mother. I was so heart broken for her. I love my mom so much. Even thought we have had issues over the years I don’t want her to go anywhere. I feel for her in such a big way. I am praying for her in a big way. I was lazy before I was a mom. Now being a mom, I miss my lazy freedom.


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