Two in a Million TLC TV show!!

I turned onto this show by accident. I never saw a commercial, I was flipping the channel. I swear I cried so much in one hour. These two boys had a disease called Schwartz Jampel syndrome type 1. They lived in different countries. The disease is so rare they know no one like them. The boy in the UK came to the U.S. to meet his new BFF. OMG it really made me think of how blessed I am. I swear I felt for these boys, I felt for there parents. It was hard all the way around.

When you think life is hard. I can think of how this 7 and 9 year old live there life every day. To have no one like themselves. Have to struggle through crazy surgeries. They didn’t say it, but I had a feeling these children were not going to live long.

The parents bonded as much as the children. They felt a bond of dealing with the same situations. The pain they felt for there children, and what they had to go through. It was such a great show. It pulled on the heart strings. In the end you were happy these boys found each other. TLC made it possible, I commend them. There is not that many reality show that I feel do great things. Thank you TLC for your contribution.


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