Two Year old!!

My baby girl is about to be two in a month. I can’t believe how much time has passed. I also can’t believe I been in Boston this long. She has got the terrible two’s in the worst way. When she is done with anything she throws it on the floor. Nana feels she can do no wrong. She is spoiled beyond belief. I spent almost 300 bucks on shoes, clothes, pajamas, toys and books for her birthday.

I am not going to through a party this year. I am not up for that stress. Not to be funny she doesn’t have friends. I am her best friend. When she is 3 and a half, I will be putting her in preschool. Her birthday is so late she will be 3 and half before she starts. I am not wishing time away, but I can’t wait until she goes to school. I think it is so cute when you see the first day pictures on Facebook. I will have to have her school clothes ready. I can’t wait to hear about what she learns and does at school.

Right now I am enjoying my baby. God blessed me with this child. I was so depressed that I would never be a mother. I had to go to a therapist because I thought it wouldn’t happen. She is my light and my breath.

I want her to have everything and do everything her heart desires. I feel prayer brought her to me and prayer will make all mine and her dreams come true.


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