PJ’s Day

I have been in my night clothes all day. I love it, haven’t done this before in a long time. I have no where to go to day. Did the grocery shopping on Friday.

Ava loves just hanging around me. Climbing all over me and playing with her toys. She isn’t old enough or talking to say lets do this or that. I do need to finish working on someones resume. I am not really in the mood, but when I commit to something I get it done.

I am reliable. The man and I have been on a break for about a month. Even thought it was nice to have a man in my life. I was really excited about the prospects of having another baby.

I am not crazy and know I cannot afford another baby by myself. So at this point I am keeping hope alive. I am not upset to be alone at this moment. I still want to have a baby badly. When I wanted to get pregnant originally I was in the same circumstances. I was not ready financially. Living situation wasn’t ideal. But I had a dream and stayed focused. So that is what I am going to do with this second baby. God always has a plan for me.


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