Life and more Life!!

Mr man and I are a dead issue. He is no longer in my life. I keep telling this fool to not call me but he continues to dial my number. I don’t understand men. He fucked up and I forgave several times. Each time this fools says he will do better. I should have knew better. I got sucked in big time. Then I get fed up and over it all together. He sorry he was wrong he misses me. WTF, I don’t get it. He wants to be friends and call me and talk sometimes. Do I look like I am put here to make you feel better. Hell Naw!! I have to many responsibilities and things going in my life to put up with such bull. First of all I know the game. He wants to stay in touch to work his way back in. How do I know he did it before. So I am going to stop being the idiot of my life and move the hell on.

So I was home one day and he showed up to see my mom. In his defense I shouldn’t have been there and he is friends with my mom. He spent the whole time in my face trying to convince me to talk to him. I had to swear and he says don’t do that. You should have seen the look on my face. Don’t you tell me what to do again. And leave me the hell alone. Then he says can I call you, tell me you don’t want me to call you and I won’t. I told him I am not saying shit because I would just be repeating myself.

If he likes me so much what is with the games and not acting right. I will never understand this concept. I will be alone with a dusty V-Jay before dealing with that mess again.

On a brighter note my baby is doing well with her therapies. I still get stuck in the why my baby. I know things could be worse. You never want to hear anything about your babies. Then I was watching this girl on YouTube. She just had twins. One of her twins barely made it and has seizures and had to come home with an air machine. So I would agree it could be worse and I need to stop bitching.

I am working on my weight once again. How the hell did I go down the whole this deep I will never know. God has my back and one day at a time. I got this far on faith and my life has never been perfect. It has always been blessed. Not a fairy tale, but reality that has gotten me this far.. Pray for me and my family. Thanks to all who read my rants. It is so appreciated!!!!


10 thoughts on “Life and more Life!!

  1. Girl, RUN ! Men who will not take no for an answer and won’t respect your wishes are sign of trouble! Cut all ties and keep it moving . Your young daughter will look to you on how to behave in relationships so set the proper example. Go to the cryobank and start working on #2. 🙂

  2. Curious if he cheated on you or if the games were about availability and not communicating? I hate games. It isn’t always a conscious game, at least not with my ex, I know he has fears and issues but he needs to work on them and recognize when he’s doing the SOL time after time. I hope you feel more clear over time and I hope you can have a second somehow, like you want. Glad little one’s therapy is going well; that’s awesome!

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