Movie night fail!!

I finally got a night out. I was heading to the movie with my friend. We went and got something to eat. The food sucked but I was so happy to be out. We get to the theater I asked for my ticket. Bad Mom’s please. I was looking for to this movie. Overwhelmed motherhood is right up my alley.

I was not prepared for what the cashier said. SOLD OUT. WTF!!! Are you serious. The movie looked cute. It wasn’t even opening weekend. It isn’t Star Trek, The Avengers. It was a stupid chick flick comedy. I had to ask her again. Are you serious. She looked at me in her please get out of my line teenage face.

I ended up going home and pissed. I waled around Walgreen’s near my house. Yes I know it is pitiful, but I didn’t want to go straight home. I am going to try again this Friday. My mother felt pity on my ass and will to try again. I love my mom, even thought she would drive me to drink. If I drank, I have an addictive personality I don’t need more problems!!


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