Support Groups

I joined a support group online. Ava and her struggles makes me feel very lonely in this process. I found someone who lives close with a daughter with similar issues. She lives close and we are meeting up this coming weekend at a Park. I am so excited. Hopefully we have new friends. The site we met on you couldn’t sent a direct message. She created an email address so we could contact each other without putting our information out there.

I  know when you are around people in a similar situation the support is priceless. I know it helped me with my weight. My being a single mother by choice and other things. I hoping the girls like each other. We will see!!! Oh Early intervention gave me a compliment that almost made me cry. She said she has been doing this for seven years. She has about 15 clients at a time.

She has only met four other parents like me. I thought really that is it. She said you want to know everything you can do. Additional things and how to connect with people. I am there every Friday for that therapist visit and I ask a lot of questions. If they say anything will help Ava I buy it and it is there in a matter of weeks. I thought most parents would do that. She said not even close. She also said there are a variety of reason why.

My daughter is my life, my breath, the love of my life. She was not an accident. I begged god for her. I pleaded that he couldn’t let me be motherless. How could he let me be motherless. I went to a therapist because I was so heart broken behind miscarriages. I wish I had money and could stay at home and do ten times more for her. She is doing great, but we still have a journey.

I will do anything and everything for this child. No sacrifice is to great. My life is for her not me anymore. Yes I need to be informed and educated. Whatever it takes to help my baby.

I do wish we had no issues. Why did this happen to us. Why does my life always have some kind of struggle. I know I have many blessing also. I still can’t help to wish my life was easier.


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