New Guy!!

I met this new guy online. I like the feeling of being wanted. I am no hurry to meet this guy. I know that is strange. I really don’t have time for a relationship. He would have to fit in my life. With my lack of totally time and babysitters.

I am also not at my ideal body weight. Which I told him I was on the plus side. It is not an issue to him. It is just hard for me to have confidence at this weight. I know love yourself Blah, Blah. I have to admit I love myself more when I can fit into some cute clothes.

Even thought my body always has the damage of being overweight for a large portion of my life. Which is hard. When the guy sees you in the cute clothes. They think you have a bikini body. What you really have is stretch marks and flab. But shit I will take that any day at this point. I told myself if I get to my goal weight I won’t care about the flab. Which I really didn’t the last time. How many people see you naked. If he is trying to get some and he turns you away because some flab and stretch marks he can kiss my ass. Most men are not that complicated. At least not the ones I dealt with.



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