Cancer Free!!

I had my first Mammogram. I year late but better late than never. I did it months ago but they called me and said technical difficulty. I thought they were calling me telling me I had cancer at first. I was freaking out. So I made the second screening months later. Since they made me come back they radiologist looked at it while I was there. I am cancer free. Thank you Jesus.

I got checked in by a girl I went to High School with. She looked great. Which I already knew since she is a Facebook Friend. She said I looked like I didn’t age. Which I thought was nice. But High School was not my most attractive years. She also said how she loved watching my a baby grow up on Facebook. She gave me a hug before I left. She was always nice and I have nothing bad to say about her in High School. We weren’t friends per say but she was always nice to me. Actually she was very popular and attractive in High School. She is still attractive. I love nice attractive people. I guess because there are so many attractive shitty people. This girl is beautiful inside and out. I defiantly had people in high school act like my six foot, fat behind was invisible. She was not one of those people.

It is funny how everyone became Facebook Friends with people they didn’t really like. It is also interesting how everyone lives was not paved in gold. There are a lot of deaths, drugs and just life. Shit happens to everyone on one is immune.


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