I was having an issues with one of Ava therapist. She has four and scheduling can be a beast. My mom is a trooper. One kept rescheduling. I keep jumping from being grateful they are there to help my daughter. To your ass need to stick to the schedule. I wrote a very professional email. I also took a Friday off because I needed a mental health day. I also wanted to see what is going on when I am work. I also had a progress meeting with one of the therapist. I had a face to face with the therapist that keeps rescheduling.

It went very well. She apologized and said that day kept having issues due to a staff meeting. We changed the day and she said we should be good from here.

Ava is doing great. A lot of progress and a lot of work still to be done. I am all about what I can do. One of the other therapist gave me some paperwork to look into. I might be an advocate for people in the same situation. I don’t know how I would fit this in. I am usually passionate about anything I have to go through. I see a lot of wholes in the services that I feel could be better.



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