Update on everything!!!

Well my diet went to hell after I went to Outback. I begin again today. I still have lost 4 pounds so it wasn’t a total loss. I will not eat anything unless I check it in myfitnesspal.com

I did do a lackluster workout Sunday afternoon. I have been in my fantasy world big time. I have this dream house I found. I look at it every week to see if anyone has bought it. The house is the perfect layout for Ava and I. Sunday I found it on Google earth. I actually don’t like the location. It is a cluster of three other houses. Not much space to have people visit. Not that I have a lot of friends or anything. I digress!!!

I have a stack of lottery scratch tickets sitting on my desk. I have to say I am a hoarder at this point. I also have been on sperm bank website. I found several I would pick when ready. All in all staying optimistic with everything in my life.

Ava is progressing and I consider myself blessed. Everything is not perfect and we have a long way to go. If we were not progressing it would show signs of worse problems. So her doctors and therapist say she is doing well. No one can predict the future. Which is such a pain in the ass. No one wants to make any bullshit promises. Thank god I found another mother going through the same thing. I am so grateful for a friend on this front.

Work is still going well, no complaints. I bought Ava a bunch of fall clothes. I was really slipping on the clothing front. It was cold one day and I had nothing to put on my child. I scrambled something together. I got about 8 outfits and other random things from Target. I will be here in a few days. I will not let another season sneak up on me like that again. #momlife


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