Black don’t crack!!

This is an old saying. My boss and others are shocked how old I am. When I am at my sexy weight I look younger. I have never found my age an issue. I guess because I always liked older men.

I know a lot of women lie about there age. I don’t even feel excited when my birthday comes. It is just another day. I want another baby so my age is an issue at the moment. Ava looks just like me. Exactly what I wanted and asked god for. Being an only child myself I always wanted a sibling that looked like me.

When I am looking at daughter I see a miniature me. She hugs and kisses. She brings us things like animal crackers jar. She loves my mother. My mom is her BFF. My mother spends the most time with her. My mother loves her to pieces. I feel a lot of this has to do with her being her only grandchild that she thought she would never have.

I feel guilty not being a stay at home mom. I wish I could afford such an opportunity. Life is good I have a good paying job. I can pay my bills and my daughter is making progress. God is a good and I am not going complain. Many people have it a lot worse.


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