Mommy Fail!!

So I was board and Ava and I been in the house all day. So I decided we were going to get out. So we went for a drive. I decided to head to the walking mall in Dedham. We went to Stride Rite where I was utterly embarrassed. I had her feet measured. She was a whole size up.

I felt like an idiot. How did I have my baby walking in small shoes. I bought her shoes right before the summer. I know my baby will have big feet. I have big feet. I have size 11 my mom has size 12. I know she will be tall and thin I hope. Not like her mom that grew up tall and fat.

So she got some light up sneakers with Ariel from frozen on them. She has no idea who that is. She did like that the shoes lit up. So all around happiness. I asked them how often do I need to check her feet. She said every three months. I am going to stick to that schedule.

When I was in the store a mother and father were not arguing but they were not agreeing.  The mother wanted to buy the daughter some shoes for special occasion. Father was like I am not spending that money for her to wear the shoes a few times. Mother let it go but you could see she wasn’t happy. Then she found out there was a sale. Buy one second one 40% off. That didn’t sway the father at all.

Ava does not get a lot of shoes. Two every time her feet change. A pair of sneakers and  a pair of shoes. I am going to buy her more clothes for the season next week. Trying to keep up with this growing child is a lot. We have a new friend I mentioned her before. Her daughter is three and they wear the same size. Her daughter is a little taller. My big baby will go through an awkward stage, but eventually she will love her height.


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