Dating fail!!

I joined a dating site for single parents. I should have vetted this site more before putting down my credit card. The lack of time in my life I didn’t do enough research. Then I signed up for six months for a better deal like an idiot. One month should have been it. Every guy on there looks crazy. Some look like they are on drugs. I have never been on a site with so many undesirables in my life. That is including Plenty of Fish. I canceled immediately I would be totally rip shit if they renewed this shit ass site on me and I wasn’t paying attention. So I have to suck up the six months. I am going to try and give it a chance. I have a six months to so that.

I wanted a man with kids. So he can understand my plight. I am not the pickiest person but damn, who the hell are these dudes. I read the profiles like hell naw not me, can’t do it. I don’t care if my ass got to 300 pounds I couldn’t do it.

I might be harsh but I wish I could give you an example. You would see where I was coming from.



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