Proved to Nana I am right!

Well I figured out Ava is very sensitive to sugar. It wakes her up in the middle of the night like she wants to go dancing. Well Nana aka my mother doesn’t want to follow my rules. She said she is fine and gave Ava her favorite Yogurt. Which is her calcium but has to much sugar in it for the evening. We had a little screaming match. She always give me an answer like I heard you but I am not doing a damn thing you say.

Ok, fine I yelled she wakes up up I am bringing her to you. You do that anyways she said. Which I do, but only when I have to work the next day. This was Friday night. Like clock work I heard little feet heading to my bed. What time was it you ask, 3AM. I brought her ass right to my mom’s room. Then went the hell back to bed.

By eight in the morning she dropped Ava back off to me. When I talked to her later, she said she won’t do that again. I thought I hope the fuck not.


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