Not doing enough!!!

Ava isn’t progressing the way I want. She is progressing which is a positive. I know I have issues with patients. I want my baby to be completely OK over night. That is not going to happen. This is going to be a long hard process.

Thank god for the mother I met in a similar situation. She really boost me up in a way that no one else can understand. She speaks from the heart. Also of the mind of we are in the same boat.

Am I doing enough. I always want to think no. Ava plays with her tablet to much. I can’t get her to eat to many varieties of food. Also I am not that big of a cook. Her sleeping is all over the place. She is not in a daycare. Which is a blessing because I have trust issues. Also can’t afford it right now. She probably needs to be with more children her age. I feel really guilty about that. She will be in preschool in six months. Mother guilt is crazy!!!


3 thoughts on “Not doing enough!!!

    • My mother isnt really a kid person. Ava gets the love because thats her only grandchild. She already said if I have another she won’t be watching that child. So I am grateful she is watching Ava and leave it alone. I do pay her, and she will be putting her on and taking her off the bus for preschool.

      • Grandparents are always talking smack lol. My mom keeps my baby so much I have to fight to get her back even in the middle of the night. Now she wants to retire to stay at home with her. Hopefully I can find a surrogate soon so I can give baby girl a sibling.

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