The election 2016

I force myself to sleep that night. I couldn’t watch the election. Then I woke up at four in the morning and found out the Anti-Christ is running my country. Ava was in the bed with me and I hugged her tight.

I didn’t like Hillary Clinton. I voted for her because she was the only choice. Does that sound bad. Well it is bad. I feel the DNC is corrupt like the RNC. In different ways, different kinds of evil. Neither really benefiting me.

The difference is Donald trump pretty much declared war on all minorities which includes me. I don’t want to hear from any white person we are being dramatic. You know what, when a white person says that shit it holds no weight. They will never walk in the shoes of fear for themselves, family and children. That there child might be targeted at school. Told that there hair is too ethnic and countless other downgrading thing I have put up living in the united states.

Hillary was to cocky and thought it was her turn. She thought they voted a black man twice you know they will vote me in. Yes she won the popular vote. She didn’t win by a landslide. The country is divided straight in half. We are at war with each other. The Republicans gave an Obama a hard eight years. I am positive the next four will be harder for them. They can whine all they want to about it being unfair. There knew thing is we need to join and unite with Mr. Trump. That will never happen. Most minorities are against him, and as soon as those campaign promises go to shit the whites will be against him too.

This generation, this time in history will not be dealt with by bystanders. They are in the streets, they are fighting back. They are boycotting products that support him.

Why am I in this fight when I didn’t like Hillary. This a question I was asked by a white friend that I known since the sixth grade.

I told her she has the luxury to ignore this because she is white. I have a black child I have to protect. I will die for that protection. I don’t have the luxury to let hate consume my country. Not for four years but for her future. White privilege is so ingrained it is hard to put yourself in a minority shoes. Are all white people racist. No they are not. For the non-racist ones I have a question. I have been asked my whole life why black people do this? Why do black people do that? You non-racist white people. Tell me why more then half your race in the united states stood up for hate. Doesn’t feel good does it!!!!!!!!!!!


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