War Room

I am no religious. I don’t claim any religion. I don’t go to any place to worship. I did go to many places to worship during a period of my life. I been to a mosques, which to clear up the Farrakhan, black Muslim mosque in the Boston area. I been to Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, The church of Christ. I been to many more. Not on a search usually because I am a friendly person who will talk to anyone. I was invited to I went.

I was agnostic in my beginning years. I believe there was a god. I just felt he didn’t do shit for me. Like Santa Claus skipping my house on Christmas. I didn’t get a spiritual life until I was 22 and committed to a 12 step program. For a major addiction I had in my life. FOOD!!! There are several 12 step programs for food. I have been in a few. I will not name them because it is supposed to be anonymous. I lost a 100 pounds. With asking god to help me stop eating. The program I also stopped smoking asking god for help. It help me to realize there was something other than myself helping me through life.

I don’t care if you called him Christ, Jesus, Jehovah, Allah. I am more spiritual than religious. I have never really read the bible. I feel god has my back and I try to be a good person. Not a perfect person but a good person. I also feel prayer works. A lot of my prayers have been answered.

I was talking to a good friend and she was telling me about the movie War room. Ultimately it is about black people praying. That is a quick synopsis. It is really a B movie, but it had such a impact on me. I need a war room. Which is a prayer room. I have no space in this house for that. I am going to find a way to set it up. I have so many things I need to focus on in prayer. I have to remember god is listening. I don’t say that because someone told me, like a preacher. It because I seen the miracles happen in my life. I have real struggles and issues that I have found a way through prayer. Believe me I have many other things and people to pray for. I am just a beginner.


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