Hit is off

So I met with that mother. We hit it off Thank God. We had so much to talk about. I really feel we can be each others support system. We feel the same about several areas. She also has knowledge of things that I would appreciate as I navigate this situation.

Ava has been sleeping through the night. If I could do a cartwheel I swear my big ass would be up in the air. I cut out anything with sugar after lunch. The doctors had no answers.

She goes in the fridge to get her fruit. That is natural sugar. I would hope that wouldn’t trigger. I am not willing to cut into a nights sleep to find out. We are sticking with the plan. All she gets to drink is water after dinner. Clearly food really affect her. She is extremely picky with food. I know what she will eat. I try and get her to try things. Sometimes she is willing other times it is a no go. She hands it right back to me. Basically saying no thank you don’t want it.

I fell into procrastination again. I have many projects to work on and my ass has done nothing but go to sleep. I need to work on my projects to create what I feel like success in my life. How can you have success if you never bring your ideas to reality.

I am still asking god to send me some money where I don’t have to worry about money. Then can spend a lot of time on my interest. That is a dream but you never know stranger shit has happened.

I asked a few of my friends and they don’t have hobbies. My life is all about hobbies. How much I spend time on them is another story. My brain doesn’t shut off. I am up to 800 subscribers on my Youtube channel. Trying to get my first 1000. Please pray for my baby and I TTYL!!!!


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