I been here before!!!

I want another baby. I can’t afford another baby. I been here before when I original thought about being a SMC. I was in a house that was underwater and had a lot of debt. So I am still in debt but got rid of the house. Friends open up there home to me. Then I was offered a job that made a lot more money. God paved the way for Ava to be my child.

I am going to stay in pray for this second baby. If this second baby is not a reality in my life. I will appreciate my blessing my child. I begged god for me to be a mother and I am.

I need to be in a better financial situation to have another child. A relationship would be nice, but not holding my breath. There are things I want to do with Ava and for her to have. I want to find out what she enjoys, what she likes to do. I will be the parent to put her in everything possible. That is when she can follow directions. If I have another child at this moment affording that could be a struggle. I felt the same way before being able to TTC. So I am going to give it to god and let him pave the way if it is meant to be!!!


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