Scraping up a new car!!

First lets start with I have never had a new car in my life. This is my very first new car. My driveway is very small and I scraped my mirror in the first week of having the car.

Now today I scraped the wall again and the paint is scraped on the passengers side. In my defense I have been up at 2am two nights ago and 3am last night due to Ava waking up and wanting to party. I been a walking Zombie all day. Then my mother wanted me to move my car so she can clean up the yard. Then at almost 9pm she wanted me to move my car again so she could get her car out. Ok then I scraped up my car on the house. My mother knows I haven’t had any sleep.

It is not her fault I was the one driving. But damn I wanted to come home and relax. Not move car on demand. She won’t do it herself because she refuses to drive other peoples car. It is not her fault but I am still pissed off she had these things for me to do when she knew I had no sleep in two days.

She told me to wake her up when Ava pulls these all night parties. I know she has her all day so I don’t want to bother her. I only get her when I am on my last leg. The good thing about the car, it is not a lease. I will be driving that damn thing until the wheels fall off. So a few scrapes don’t matter. As long as I do the scraping. I am pissed at myself and I am starting to realize I am not the greatest driver. I went from a lot of room in Georgia to these tight roads and driveways and parking spots in Boston.

Pray for my sanity. It just a car, not my life thank god. I am thankful it was just a scrape to the paint no real damage.


2 thoughts on “Scraping up a new car!!

  1. Sorry about that. 😦 If it helps, I think it happens to everyone. It does make a difference driving in a different state and less room on the road, etc. I bumped another car on a turn, or they bumped me, but I was not paying the attention I should have been so it could easily have been me. Now I have a scrape on my passenger side too. Well, at least we have cars. Sorry I have not been commenting – I lost my blog list and have been slowly rebuilding it back. I read your election post. I’m scared of Trump and his choices on so many levels including racism and extreme immigration views. But I know I don’t understand the level of fear that people of color feel about it. Thanks for expressing your feelings about it, I appreciated hearing them.

    • Thank you for reading. I am praying Trump doesn’t do to much damage in four years. We have to get out there in two years to get the house and senate to democrat. To be honest I hate all politics.

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