Dating again!!

I met a guy online. We have went on two dates. First a lunch date. Then lunch and a movie. The movie was horrible. Then the strangest shit happened. I went to the bathroom after the movie. Came out and I couldn’t find his ass. I looked for about five minutes. All I could think, this dude left my ass at the movies. Don’t ask why I went straight to the negative.

I felt everyone was staring at me. I was walking in circles looking for him. I called a few times. went straight to answering machine. I decided to pick my pride up and walk to my car and go home.

I told myself while walking, I am not telling anybody this shit happen. It is so embarrassing. Then while I was driving he called me. Where are you. I said OMG I thought you left me at the movies. I am already on my way home.

Are wires must of crossed when I was looking for him. He was looking for me. Now thinking about it, I can find it funny. It was not funny at the time AT ALL.

We might do a couples massage for the next date. I think it is too expensive. I know I am not going to pay. I still don’t think he should pay that kind of money for date three. I am going to look for a Groupon or something.

I never dated his nationality before. They usually stick to there own. He says that is changing. Maybe so, I have know true knowledge of that culture.  So it has really been interesting so far. Keeping hope alive for the future. My father said he is keeping hope alive that I still get married. I didn’t say it to my dad. So am I !!!


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